The first trailer for Orange is the New Black season 3 dropped today. The Netflix original series returns to the streaming network June 12 with Boston-born Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman and all her friends (and enemies, and frienemies) at Litchfield Penitentiary.

The 2-minute trailer is brief, but telling: Laura Prepon’s bespectacled Alex Vause will be making a controversial return to her fellow Litchfield inmates after a brief period of (backstabbing) release in season 2. Red (Kate Mulgrew) is still bunking with Piper and spreading words of wisdom, Sophia (Laverne Cox) keeps working her magic in the prison salon, and Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) remains the best character on the show (in my opinion). Boston Marathon-bound Uzo Abuda also returns Crazy Eyes, and as far as we can tell, remains crazy.

Plus, Australian model Ruby Rose makes her debut as Stella Carlin, a new Litchfield inmate and love interest of both Alex and Piper. 

Not returning: Jason Bigg’s as Piper’s former fiance, Larry, but really, who needs him?