And you thought a one-week diet was a challenge.

Starting November 9 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, contemporary artist Marilyn Arsem will perform for six hours a day, seven days a week, for approximately 14 weeks.

Arsem, who taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for 27 years, will return to the MFA for 100 straight days to perform her new piece, “Marilyn Arsem: 100 Ways to Consider Time,” her longest performance to date.

According to the MFA website, “Arsem will be present in Gallery 261, inserting her living presence into the Museum.”

“Her performance is an invitation to pause and experience the present moment, providing a temporary respite to the frenetic pace of our modern lives,” the website continues.

When Arsem is not in the building, an “audio recording of her voice will play in the gallery,” according to an exhibition page on

To see what times Arsem will perform and to learn more about how to attend the exhibition, visit the MFA’s exhibition page.