Rowing can’t be that hard, right?

Granted, here in Boston, we’re used to watching a bunch of Ivy Leaguers haul up and down the Charles, but when it comes to simply avoiding other boats that are in the water, that has to be like the first thing you learn about the sport. Apparently it still was too much of a task for the rowers in New York’s Snowflake Regatta

Last weekend’s event quickly turned into a calamitous game of bumper boats, only exacerbated by the hollering of rowing moms and dads on the shoreline. And if you thought soccer moms were bad, these parents definitely take this sport a bit too seriously. Never mind an “is she OK?” or “send someone to help them,” the common sentiment from spectators was a frantic, “KEEP ROWING!”

Unfortunately, the situation only got worse and worse and more hilarious as the game of dominoes unfolded. Take a look for yourself.