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Where were you on February 8, 1988? Of course you don’t know. That’s too specific of a question. But it makes for a decent segue into this list of minutiae from the first week of February, 1988, which happens to be the last time my beloved Northeastern Huskies Men’s Hockey won the Beanpot.

Some goodies from February, 1988.

The Number One song, according to Billboard, was Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been.”





Number One at the box office? Good Morning, Vietnam.





Just a week before the Huskies grabbed their fourth Beanpot of the 80s, the Washington Redskins won their second Super Bowl of the 80s.





In current events, the U.S. House of Representatives said “hell no” to President Reagan’s $36 billion request for aid to the Contras in Nicaragua. Locally, Frank Zappa was set to play two nights at the Orpheum. But not before the Husky Men beat BU 6-3 at the Garden. Check out the highlights, courtesy of NESN’s archives.

My takeaway from this trip down memory lane? 1988 was a long-ass time ago. And it’s been too long since the Huntington Hounds hoisted the Beanpot. Here’s hoping Monday’s final will feature another BU beat down and Northeastern will be Beanpot champions once again.