Well this is heartwarming. Howes Cave, New York resident Eleanor Cunningham celebrated her 100th birthday by skydiving, something my 18-year-old self would never dream of doing, much less my 100-year-old self.

woman skydive

According to The Guardian, Cunningham kissed her seven-month-old great-great-granddaughter goodbye before heading up with the trained professionals at Saratoga Skydiving. Though this was the third time Cunningham jumped out of a plane of her own volition — as if that’s something a normal sane human would do — she did take up the hobby late in life: her first skydiving experience was at age 90.

Cunningham’s doctor, who is not named Kevorkian or Strangelove, signed off on the jump, saying she was more than healthy enough to make the leap. Meanwhile my doctor says I have the blood pressure of a 70-year-old who spent his life working in salt mines.

[h/t The Guardian. imgs via AP / Getty]