Ensuring that things run smoothly and safely, police officers usually provide a stoic, Thin Blue Line presence at rainbow-hued pride parades across the country. One officer at New York City’s parade, however, went well beyond the usual call of duty.

Paige Ponzeka, a member of the Big Apple Softball League, was marching in Sunday’s pride parade with her fellow players when her friend, Aaron Santis, started dancing in the direction of an NYPD officer.


To their surprise, the officer joined in.


To the beat of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” Santis and the unidentified officer did some bumpin’ and grindin’ as spectators cheered.

Before parting ways, Santis kissed and slapped an “I’d Hit That” sticker on the chest of the officer who proved that New York City’s finest is finer than ever.