There are lots of rumors floating around, from the long awaited Retina display on the iPad Mini to faster guts to its ability to turn previous generation iPads into solid gold. No, it probably won’t turn other iPads into gold. I made that up. But hey, since everything is technically speculation right now, maybe it can happen, right?

Apple is holding its next press event Tuesday, Oct. 22, and the company is expected to release the fifth generation iPad, Retina iPad Mini, crazy-fast MacBook Pros, and the infamous iTrashcan, also known as the Mac Pro. The biggest news, hands down, will be the iPad Mini, which is expected to outsell the iPad 2:1, according to some analysts.

It’s been some time since the iPad Mini’s last refresh, and to be honest, I think it was just a bit too slow. The second generation Nexus 7 was released months ago with a higher resolution display than the current iPad Mini, fast internals, and a great operating system — all for $100 less than the iPad Mini (Nexus 7, 16GB Wi-Fi: $227.44; iPad Mini, 16GB Wi-Fi: $334.99).

And the Nexus 7 has wireless charging, which is really freaking cool. No cables needed. It sounds like such a small little quirk, but when you own a phone with that same feature, you start wondering…why doesn’t Apple have this yet?

I own a Nexus 7 and I love it. It works great on its own and syncs well with all of my Google services. It’s the perfect size, slick, and cheaper than the iPad. I saw no reason to spend an extra $100 on a device that still, for some reason, has a 4:3 display. It would be nice, on occasion, to watch movies on the train to New York City without losing a majority of resolution due to a “design choice.”

Don’t get me wrong: I think Apple is a great company that sells great products and my Macbook Pro is still the best damn computer I have ever owned. But often, I see too many people rush out to get the newest iDevice without doing their research and really looking at all the other awesome gadgets at their disposal.

If you’re a zealot iPad user and plan on picking up the next generation iPad mini, what keeps you coming back to the iDevices? And would you consider taking a look at other tablets?

[Photo credit: Robert Galbraith/Reuters]