Neil Patrick Harris has shown his award-hosting prowess, providing reliably entertaining hosting for previous editions of the Emmys and Tonys. So it’s no surprise he nailed the opening musical number with typical NPH aplomb.


He traveled to the worlds of movies past.

nph wizard of oz
From The Wizard of Oz to Field of Dreams.

Then he did a dance number with Anna Kendrick

nph anna kendrick
A knowing nod to Kendrick’s role in Into the Woods.

Until Jack Black interrupted everything.

jack black interrupts
Always have to be the center of attention, don’t ya JB?

NPH and Anna weren’t pleased.

nph anna kendrick gif
Come on, Jack. Get with the program.

Benedict Cumberbatch was ready to party.

benedict drink gif
All in all, a fun, if conservative, opening performance. Good job, Neil.