If you haven’t heard of the MyIdol app by now, don’t worry – it’ll be a distant, Internet-based fever dream inside of twenty-four hours. The free app was developed in China and, while not incredibly user-friendly to English-speaking users, allows you to superimpose the face of your choice into an avatar.

We figured we’d do our part in beating this dead horse into the ground, so without further ado, here are some of your Boston favorites like you’ve never seen them before, and hopefully never see them again.

First, a softball – David Ortiz struts down the runway in this fashion-forward getup.

It’s not too late to turn back. You probably have work to do, or kids to feed…no? OK. Here’s Marty Walsh in short shorts dancing to “SexyBack.”

Thank you, I have a college degree.

We couldn’t give Gisele Bundchen as simple a task as a runway walk, a profession she mastered decades ago. But can she master making confusing hand gestures in a panda suit?

Jury’s out. I’d like to remind you that it really isn’t too late to return to life as you know it before this, because this is not one that will be easy to scrub from your mind. This is your personal Vietnam. This is Mark Wahlberg on a stripper pole in heels.

If the panda suit was Gisele’s challenge, for Elizabeth Warren we decided to take her to the runway in an outfit that I would probably wear. She kills it.

I’m sorry.