Weezer rock out on the moon, J Mascis leads a hippie cult and more in the latest edition of the Music Video Roundup, curated my me, Adam 12. Not Steph Mangan.

So Weezer sold out their show at the Sinclair in about .01 seconds, but at least you can watch their spacey new clip for “Back To The Shack” without paying some scalper hundreds of dollars.

Funny Or Die produced the clip for “Every Morning” from the excellent new J Mascis album ‘Tied To A Star.’ See how many famous folks you can spot (Fred Armisen doesn’t count. I mean, we’re not saying he doesn’t count because he’s not famous. We’re saying it because he’s obvious.)

Here’s another Funny Or Die creation: TV On The Radio’s “Happy Idiot” video, featuring Pee Wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens.

And then there’s Mastodon’s clip for “The Motherload,” which inexplicably couples standard heavy metal video imagery with twerking.

Since there’s really no way to follow that up, we’ll just end things there.