The Music Video Roundup brings you a handful of the most memorable videos to hit the web this week. This roundup features videos from Ex Hex, Chromeo, and Against Me!.

Today we learn the meaning behind the album art of Chromeo‘s forthcoming album, “White Women”. In “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” the duo play the roles of wedding officiants at a glitzy, neon Vegas wedding chapel, before running off with A$AP Ferg’s bride.

I would argue that Against Me!‘s album “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is one of the best released so far this year. Laura Jane Grace’s brutally honest and raw lyrics are initially what made me fall hard for this album and I was excited to see that the lyrics take center stage in the new video for “Black Me Out”. This slightly NSFW video is the perfect match for this song, with haunting shadow puppets and defiant and crude black and white imagery.

Ex Hex’s video for their debut single “Hot and Cold” is a hilarious and awkward mess. Front woman Mary Timony finds herself on a date-gone wrong as her band mates crash the dinner and incite a food fight. Highlight of this video is of course Ian Svenonius’ single tear.