The document dorks return this month with a new lineup of five stacks of paper that they read on your behalf, seeing as you couldn’t even make it to Mayor Marty Walsh’s Reddit AMA. Putz.

1. Governor Chris “Heavyweight” Christie started a trend in New Jersey
A number of New Jersey government agencies followed in the governor’s footsteps by sending out a rejection letter to journalists who asked for the agency’s log of public records requests. Some even cited the same bunk court case that the governor did when his office rejected Gawker’s J.K. Trotter.

2. A Cold War case of mistaken identity
MuckRock’s most recent podcast, Seeing Red: A Cold War case of mistaken identity, tells the tale of Irving Adler — or Irving Adlersss — two men, an FBI file, and questions of national loyalty, all from documents that MuckRock stumbled into somewhat accidently. Well worth a listen, clocking in at just less than 15 minutes.

3. The FBI’s use of drones, a timeline
The FBI doesn’t typically reveal much about ongoing bureau activity of any kind, so when they do, it’s cause for celebration and perhaps concern.
MuckRock projects editor Shawn Musgrave put together a timeline of the FBI’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles in conjunction with this year’s Drone Census. The documents reveal that the FBI used drones during a manhunt and a dog fighting investigation at the very least.

4. Attention Pentagon nerds…
If the Department of Homeland Security’s structure and strategies pique your interest, read up on Homeland Security Investigations, a division of DHS with some 265 U.S. offices, widespread jurisdiction, and a propensity for nabbing financial criminals and their bones…or clams or whatever you call them.

5. Recreating the Pulitzers
On Monday, April 14 — Pulitzer announcement day — MuckRock launched a new project to “recreate, expand upon and check back in on past Pulitzer winners.” The project looks at a variety of stories ranging from racial profiling by police to dismantling U.S. Navy ships to FDA drug approvals. Follow the Pulitzer Project progress or submit your own public records request.