MuckRock, a public records information service, has used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover the kind of government documents that make history.

These are not those documents. These are the fun ones.

For this special #TBT edition of Docs of Note, we travel to the Boston of the far-off, forgotten year 2012 – back when Menino was still mayor forever, you could ride the T for only $2.50 (including a bus transfer!), and Aerosmith kicked a bunch of people out of their apartment building for a couple hours.


While a fascinating historical artifact above all else, these permits do offer some interesting insight into the planning that goes into throwing an event for “20,000 people aged 6-90,” some clarification on why it happened in the first place (did anybody know it was related to Rock the Vote?), and a valuable reminder that, while anybody can go back to their old Allston apartment and reminisce about when they were cool, if you work real hard and win a couple Grammys, they’ll let you take your own police detail along with you when go.

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[Photo Credit: BC Gavel]