The universe, or probably Zeus, made sure that Boston had a little memento to remember the winter from hell.

We’ve seen some snowbanks over the course of this year that have truly given up on life but this one tops it all. That is one disgusting, massive, mountain of questionable snow.




The photographer, Adam Balsam, claims on Twitter that it was taken in at the intersection of Kennedy Ave and Capstan Way in South Boston. While the image suggests that the Prudential Center is being buried under turmoil, not everyone believes its legitimacy. In fact, many on the Internet are saying with confidence that it’s been photoshopped.

For those unaware, South Boston isn’t all that close to the Pru. Many confided in Google Maps to try to determine the photographer’s perspective and vantage point and seemed to confirm the doubts that the building is nowhere in sight. But, one Redditor points out that it is possible to see a sliver of Prudential in the far off distance.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.31.25 AM

In other words, there still seems to be no way that it could look so close in the photo. But Balsam told us in an email that he did not photoshop or manipulate his images.

“It’s a matter of perspective created by the long lens and crop factor,” he said. “The photos were taken with a 150mm lens on a body with a 2x crop factor (Olympus E-P5). The 2x crop factor means that the resulting image is similar to the one taken with a 300mm lens.”

He adds that he’s done similar shots of the Prudential with the moon.


Either way, that snowbank has enough rubbish and dirt to last us a lifetime and for those of you sick and tired of the snow, it looks like you’ll have to put up with a while longer.

[h/t Imgur]