When “Game of Thrones” producers put out an audition notice seeking 600 extras for a climactic battle scene to be filmed in Spain, they expected a big response. But even they couldn’t have counted on over 86,000 people applying.

Entertainment Weekly reported that producers for the HBO megahit were forced to add more server space to accommodate the glut of applications since filming began in Spain two weeks ago, and that while some extras were your typical struggling actors, at least one man took vacation time from a high-paying banking job to film the role.


The “Thrones” fever has also been a boon for Spain’s economy. According to Getty, hotels in the small town of Osuna (population 17,800) are completely booked through the end of the month, and “Thrones” has hired more than 1,000 locals to work on the show, a big lift for a country attempting to climb out of a recession.

“It’s been a great, uplifting moment for the country,” James Costos, the U.S. Ambassador to Spain told EW. “There’s tremendous excitement all over Spain, and it highlights the fact there are incredibly talented people here.”

Guess it turns out that a Lannister not only always pays his debts, he’ll help a whole country pay their debts every once in a while too.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly, images via Getty]