Love celebrating the holiday season but hate how your favorite fast-casual chain restaurants don’t provide enough opportunities to smooch your loved one underneath a whirring mechanical contraption? Then TGI Fridays has some good news!

Yes, romance is hovering in the air 8 to 12 inches above your head this holiday season at TGI Fridays, or at least it will be in the United Kingdom. The chain is debuting their mistletoe drones at a location in Manchester, with the hopes of eventually expanding their use.

There’s no word yet on whether American Fridays locations will receive the robotic smooch-inducers — which also feature built-in kiss cams — but if Fridays spokeswoman Rachel Waller’s enthusiasm is any indication, Skynet Mistletoe Drone will be online in the states shortly.

Mistletoe Drone

Spokeswoman Rachel Waller said: “Everyone loves a good Christmas party, but we all know things can be a bit awkward until someone breaks the ice.

“We’re known for legendary celebrations at Fridays, so we wanted to see how we could make Christmas get-togethers in our restaurants even more entertaining, and offer guests the encouragement they need to make their move.

“Our mistletoe drones are the perfect way to do this. Not only are they great fun for the entire restaurant, but they help people get a little closer at this time of the year.

“Who knows – maybe we’ll have had our first mistletoe drone wedding by this time next year.”

That’s right, mistletoe drone weddings. If we can put a man on the moon, we can join a loving couple in holy matrimony underneath a drone mistletoe at TGI Fridays. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about?

[h/t Manchester Evening News]