Many late night shows are on re-run break this week, but the others seem to be picking up the slack, from guests that range from politico humorist Bill Maher to the crunchy music stylings of Phish.


Top Music Picks

Monday, June 23 – Body Count on “Conan”

Ice-T will also be chatting on Conan’s couch earlier in the show before he dusts off the old “Cop Killer” outfit from before he ended up playing a cop on “Law & Order.” Should be an ironically fun performance.

Monday, June 23 – St. Paul and the Broken Bones on Kimmel

Anyone who has listened to WERS for more than a half hour the past few months has likely heard the smokey wail of Paul Janeway and the deep fried soul of his Birmingham-based band.

Tuesday, June 24 – Phish on Letterman

Phish releases its twelfth studio album, “Fuego” tomorrow, and will celebrate with a trip to Letterman’s show. The band will perform one song for the regular airing of the show and stick around to perform additional songs for the “Live on Letterman” web series.

Wednesday, June 25 – Hurray for the Riff Raff on Letterman

Hurray for the Riff Raff is on the road through most of the summer with gigs, including a return to the Newport Folk Festival in late July. The New Orleans-based folk band released “Small Town Heroes,” earlier this year and recently just came out with the video for the album’s cheerful country tune, “I Know It’s Wrong (But It’s Alright).”

Thursday, June 26 – Spoon on Kimmel

Spoon is back! And with a new single, “Rent I Pay,” to preview their forthcoming album out August 5th, entitled “They Want My Soul.” The band, which hasn’t made an album in four years, sounds just about the same – crunchy power chords, clever lyrics, and plenty of Spoon flare – thank God! We’ve missed you Spoon.

Top Guest Picks

Monday, June 23 – Zach Braff on Kimmel

Zach Braff’s directorial-follow up to his breakout, “Garden State,” has been a long time coming, but finally has arrived with his new comedy, “Wish I Was There,” about a thirty-something man who finds himself at major crossroads, forcing him to examine his life, his career, and his family.

Monday, June 23 – Bill Maher on “The Daily Show”

Bill Maher has become known for his caustic humor and relevant jargon on his HBO series “Real Time,” spanning the politics and pop-culture of the world. His most recent point of interest: slamming the horse-and-carriage industry, NYC’s in particular. Maher’s unbeknownst love for horses came in the form of a public rant at a recent fundraiser for PETA, where he not only condemned the legions of carriages that surround Central Park, but also shamed Liam Neeson for wanting to maintain the city’s horse carriages.

Wednesday, June 25 – Mark Wahlberg on Letterman

The world needs another “Transformers” movie, like E! needs another Kardashian spinoff. But here we are again trying to calculate how many millions this fourth flick starring Mark Wahlberg will bring in during weekend one, and here we are again cringing at the rumors of a possible Scott and Kourtney Kardashian family spinoff. Barf.

Thursday, June 26 – Melissa McCarthy on “The Daily Show”

Melissa McCarthy is the star of the upcoming movie ‘Tammy,’ out July 2, and also on the most recent cover of “Rolling Stone.” Described as being fearless, fierce and funny, McCarthy has never abided to any Hollywood standards despite the loads of flack she’s received about her weight and continues to be one of the funniest women in showbiz these days.

Thursday, June 26 – Paul Rudd on “The Colbert Report”

Besides the sure-to-be-funny, “They Came Together,” that Paul Rudd has coming out with Amy Poehler this Friday, the dreamboat from “Clueless,” also just got word that he will be one the thirty honorees to receive a sought-after Hollywood star come 2015.