McDonald’s is testing an all-day breakfast menu at select locations in San Diego this spring. The fast-food chain has tried all-day breakfast experiments as early as 2006, but keeps running into problems, so whether the experiment becomes a permanent fixture remains to be seen. 

But in a hypothetical world where McDonald’s finds a way to offer an all-day breakfast menu, what would that mean for Boston’s favorite fast-food breakfast franchise: Dunkin’ Donuts?

For starters, it basically means San Diego residents can look forward to these all day.
mcdonalds egg mcmuffin
More than 40 years later, Egg McMuffins still get the job done.

Maybe with a side of these?
mcdonalds hash brown
Hash browns so good you’ll call 911 if you can’t get your fix.

Heck, why not just go all the way?

I just ate, but I’m getting hungry looking at this.

So people love McDonald’s breakfast, duh. But Dunkin’ Donuts has something to say about that.

I mean, this looks pretty good.

dunkin donuts big and toasted
What could be better than starting your day with bacon? Starting your day with egg, cheese, toast, and bacon, that’s what.

Maybe with a side of these?
DD’s hash browns are seriously underrated, if you ask me.

And one of these, to treat yourself?

But how do you choose between Boston Kreme, Chocolate Frosted and Glazed? Better make it two, just in case.

When it comes down to it, what consumers are really looking for in the morning is their coffee fix. Ah yes, the coffee.

dunkin iced coffee

Slap a double cup on that thing and it’s good year-round.

The coffee that made people in Massachusetts ignore travel bans and brave record-breaking weather conditions for.

“Sir, do you know why I pulled you over? Because it looks like you’ve got a Dunkin’ Iced, and I need some real bad.”

The coffee that outsells the menu item that gives Dunkin’ Donuts its name.


Nothing like a good book and a hot, steaming cup of Dunkin’ black coffee on a Saturday morning.

Mark Kalinowski, the Lead Restaurant Analyst for Janney Capital Markets, said any move McDonald’s makes could mean increased competition for Dunkin’ Donuts.

“In general, breakfast is a strength for McDonald’s,” Kalinowski said. “And to the extent McDonald’s can flex its muscles, whether at breakfast or other parts of the day, they will. That just adds to the competition Dunkin’ Donuts will face.”

Kalinowski also said he thought McDonald’s would be cautious with their breakfast experiment.

“I think lots of people would like to see breakfast offered all day,” Kalinowski said. “But it’s going to take time. That’s a big change, and if you’re McDonald’s, you don’t want to roll it out and mess it up.”

“They’re going to take their time with it and understand it from an operational standpoint before rolling it out.”

When asked for comment, McDonald’s provided details on their breakfast experiment, but did not address a question regarding whether they regard other fast-food breakfast purveyors like Dunkin’ Donuts as competition.

“We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes,” said Terri Hickey, manager of media relations. “We’re excited to serve our customers in this area some of McDonald’s great-tasting breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and other favorites all day long.”

Similarly, Dunkin’ Donuts offered a response about their own menu offerings without mentioning the golden arches.

“Dunkin’ Donuts’ all-day dining platform makes us the destination of choice for guests seeking a quick bite to eat or drink any time of day,” said Michelle King, senior director of global public relations for Dunkin’ Brands, in an email. “That’s why we serve our sandwiches all day long, and why we are committed to offering new and innovative menu options that can be enjoyed all day long.”