Local Music

One time my dad played golf with the guy from Godsmack. My old man said he was a good guy, didn’t comment much on his golf game though, probably a sign that my dad lost, but maybe he was just being humble too.

Godsmack is that local band that nobody really thinks of as a local band because they seem way too New Hampshire to be a Boston group. That all ends on Wednesday. WAAF reports that Marty Walsh will officially declare August 6 Godsmack Day in Boston. The mayor will give the Lawrence-based band this distinction in a ceremony at the Faneuil Hall Newbury Comics, which will also allow fans who show up early (first 500 to be exact), at a special 8 a.m. opening, to purchase a copy of the band’s sixth album, “1000hp,” and be granted access to a special autograph signing later in the day.

Interesting choice for Mayor Walsh to continue pushing the local arts game. Not sure everyone in Boston will be down with having a Godsmack Day, if for no other reason than title alone, but then again, Boston can stand to have less of a stick up its ass most of the time too. While Godsmack may have a very particular audience, they have found Grammy award-winning success, and this is at least another step in Marty Walsh showing that he has somewhat of an eye on local arts initiatives.