We, as readers of the Internet, have developed an odd fascination of maps of the United States that tell us weird things about each state. The latest of these maps, however, shows just how crazy the people who make up those states are. Estately, a real estate website, has used Google Trends to come up with the top Google searches, and Massachusetts proves to be pretty damn bizarre.

Apparently, Massachusetts’ top search is “Canadian Men.” What could this mean? Does it refer to the hockey team that just beat the Bruins? That Justin Bieber kid (who shouldn’t be called a man, by the way)? Rob Ford???

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Canadian Men, maybe this will help clear some things up.

– Neil Young

– Dan Aykroyd

– Chris Farley (RIP)

– Drake

– John Candy (RIP)

– Jim Carrey

– Nickelback (just kidding, kind of)

That dude from Sum 41 who looks like he’s dying

– Seth Rogen

– Ryan Gosling

-Mac DeMarco

And some that we’re not too fond of

– Justin Bieber (we already went over this)

– The Montreal Canadiens

– That dude from Arcade Fire with the hair

– Whoever married Shania Twain (thanks for ruining my chances, bro)

We may never get to the bottom of our state’s fascination with Canadian men (also known as Hosers, Canucks, or Pea Soup Eaters), but that’s not the only thing we’re interested in. Massachusetts’ other top searches include “Eyebrow Waxing,” “George Costanza,”  “Hangover Cure,” “Muppets,” “PCP,” “Tinder,” and “Yoga.” Only one of those really makes sense, and it’s nothing to take much pride in.

You can see the top searches for every state over at Estately, but prepared to be ashamed, and mildly creeped out.