It’s time for America to get serious about dog gun control.

A Wyoming man was injured Monday when his dog stepped on a rifle, shooting him in the arm.

From The Sheridan Press:

Sheriff Steve Kozisek said Richard L. Fipps, 46, of Sheridan had driven to Murphy Gulch Road with two employees to move a vehicle that had become stuck. Fipps was standing beside his truck as chains were being removed from the front of it when he was shot.

Kozisek said Fipps told a dog in the front seat of the truck to get into the back seat. Among other personal items laying on the back seat was a .300 Winchester Magnum with the safety apparently turned off. The dog managed to discharge the weapon, which fired through the cab of the truck.

All the gun nuts out there are gonna say this was an isolated incident, but the very same thing happened last year in Florida, and twice in 2011. When do these tragedies go from isolated incidents to a problematic pattern?

Also, the headline to the story is “Dog Shoots Man: Accidental Shooting Injures Man,” but how do we know this was an accident? Sure the dog is gonna claim it was unintentional, but maybe his barks and whimpers about not being walked enough were falling on deaf ears, and he needed to take matters into his own paws.

[h/t The Sheridan Press]