Tom Brady was awarded the Super Bowl MVP last night, and rightfully so (37 of 50 for 328 yards an 4 touchdowns certainly is nothing to sneeze at), but the win would’ve never happened without rookie Malcolm Butler, Julian Edelman, and several others stepping up.

But it wasn’t any of those characters admiring the brand new red Chevy Colorado truck that Tom Brady was awarded. It appears to be special teams player Darius Fleming who was quick to claim, “the truck is mine” right after the trophy was given to the quarterback. 

While we’re not sure that Fleming was the one who should be driving the new truck home, it’s probably no stretch to assume that Tom Brady is pretty set in the transportation department.



[Correction: We originally reported that the man claiming, “the truck is mine,” was 4th quarter hero Malcolm Butler. After further inspection, it seems that this is not Butler (as much as it may have made sense for him to say that), but appears to be special teams player Darius Fleming. Thank you Twitter user @Accordion617 for the heads up]