You know that odd area in-between the highway and Chinatown? You know, the area with the theaters and random nightclubs that you’ve never even heard about until some international DJ with a select following comes into town, and your friends are all like “dude you HAVE to go!” You know where I’m talking about…right?

Enter stage left: The Wilbur Theatre. Directly across from the swanky W Hotel lives a one hundred year old theater that’s still takin’ names and putting up some big acts like Nick Swardson and Nick Offerman, while also giving the rising social media stars of the world a fighting chance. We got the opportunity to run around the theater during last week’s “Last Comic Standing” performance with Andrew Mather – the man behind the marketing at The Wilbur. Tune in and see what you’re missing.

Video by Sam Crimmins
Edited by Andy Robinson
Music by Merkel & Fritzemeier – “Meetin’ & Movin'”