Cambridge poet Jade Sylvan is anything but shy.

Her 2013 poetic memoir Kissing Oscar Wilde is a rickshaw of sexual misadventure and gender dysmorphia. Though Sylvan bared all on the page, the risque queer icon is turning heads with her new Indiegogo campaign, which offers supporters the chance to see the author in a surprising new light.

By which we mean totally buck naked.

The campaign, which was started to finance a West Coast tour supporting “Kissing Oscar Wilde,” includes a bevy of X-rated perks awaiting those with eager wallets. Goodies range from naughty limericks to pornographic sketches but, for a $75 donation, backers get the real deal – a one-of-a-kind portrait of Sylvan in the buff.


“Even if you’re a very successful poet, there are limits to how much money you’re realistically going to make,” says Sylvan of the campaign, “What it comes down to is I believe in this book, and I want to do everything I can to give it opportunities to connect with audiences.”

So why go so far as the full monty to procure the funding? Because that’s what the people want.

“I know people like to look at naked people,” Sylvan says, “so I figured some people would like to see these.” Far from bashful, Sylvan  has no problem with folks seeing her in her birthday suit. “In my mid-twenties, I worked as a fine art model,” she says, “I have all these photos from that period that no one ever sees, so I might as well use them. You know, for art.”

Of course, you can always support Sylvan by actually buying a copy of her book, but if her taut, nostalgic prose isn’t enough to entice you, Sylvan assures that there are more than enough boudoir shots to go around.