Local Music

As a close follower of New England’s music scene, I have come to find something extremely special about Rhode Island’s music community. Perhaps it’s the state’s small size that lends itself to an underdog mentality, but it is clear to me that the state carries an enormous sense of pride for its local musicians. This was apparent when Deer Tick swirled out of Providence a few years ago, is clear as day each year when Newport Folk Fest rolls around, and can be seen from up here in Boston when smaller bands bubble up to play shows, often carrying the accolades of bigger Rhode Island bands with them.

But just like Rhode Island embraces and celebrates its artists, this week, it mourns the loss of one of its best. David Lamb, one half of the Providence-based Americana group Brown Bird. Known as a poignant lyricist, a purveyor of curious influences, and a throaty, soulful vocalist, Lamb was diagnosed with Leukemia early in 2013, and on Saturday, succumbed to the battle. He leaves his band, which includes his wife, MorganEve, but also a legacy as a genuine performer with a soft spoken but kindhearted performer.

Fellow artists within the New England music scene and beyond have voiced their thoughts, thanking David for his gift, and extending their condolences. Some have even gone so far as to organize a tribute show tomorrow night at the Columbus Theatre in Providence.