South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was deemed by many to be the winner of the early Republican Presidential Debate this evening on CNBC. Graham blasted President Obama on foreign policy, needled fellow undercard candidates on their conservative bonafides, and most importantly for some New Englanders, declared himself a Tom Brady fan.

During one of the debate’s final questions, moderators asked the candidates about their favorite sports teams. Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, gave a shoutout to Steeler Nation, while former New York Governor George Pataki predicted good things for the Mets in game two of the World Series tonight.

Graham, instead of pledging his allegiance to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks or the Carolina Panthers, took a self-aware pandering route, saying, “I want to win New Hampshire, so go Tom Brady. Go Patriots.”

Some on Twitter were unimpressed by his lack of hometown loyalty.

But for some Patriots fans, “Go Patriots” were the only two words they needed to hear during the hour-long debate.

This isn’t the first time Graham has opportunistically stumped for the Patriots, either. When Judge Richard Berman initially vacated Brady’s suspension, Graham was ready with warm congratulations.

Recent Public Policy Polling numbers show Graham earning 1% of the vote in New Hampshire. Whether his strong performance and strong adulation of Tom Brady will shift his poll numbers in the Granite State remains to be seen.