Lil Jon took a break from kicking ass on “Celebrity Apprentice” and generally living a crunked-out lifestyle to team up with Rock the Vote on “Turn Out for What,” a parody of his and DJ Snake’s chart-topping earworm “Turn Down for What,” aimed at encouraging people to register and show up at the polls this November.

The video also features celebrities like Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg and Fred Armisen listing on-brand reasons they’re turning out to vote (Lil Jon, for example, says he’s turning out for marijuana legalization, before taking a huge rip off some sort of smoking contraption).

Lil Jon Turn Out for What

While the video’s cause is a good one, the hackneyed attempts at humor are pretty lame. (The Benny Johnson lookalike who spouts Lil Jon catchphrases is particularly insufferable). If we’re going to give Republicans a hard time for their laughable attempts at creating youth-friendly viral videos, the other side should feel the heat as well. Though the fact that Rock the Vote, a non-partisan organization whose sole goal is to increase voter registration, is considered a liberal organization says a lot more about the state of politics than any viral video ever could.

Lame video or not, voting is an incredibly important part of the democratic process, and Massachusetts voters only have a week left to register before the November 4 elections, so register now if you haven’t already.

[gif via Buzzfeed]