Either the state of Georgia is actively trying to silence the hip-hop vote or a series of mixups never got Atlanta rapper Lil Jon his absentee ballot, but either way, one of America’s crunkest won’t let voting day pass without getting his voice heard.


If Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter serve us correctly, Lil Jon boarded a flight at 6 a.m. from LA to Atlanta in order to fulfill his civic duty. This comes after the the rapper became a spokesperson for Rock the Vote and helped launch this fall’s viral pro-voting club banger “Turn Out For What.”

Let this be a lesson, young’ns. If you don’t think you have the time or capabilities to cast your vote today, all it took Lil Jon was some quick thinking, some love for his home state, and plane fare across the entire country, of course. Polls close at 7, take a tip from this master of crunk and #TURNOUTFORWHAT: