Liam Neeson is a scary dude. He’s cultivated an aura of gravitas and badassery over the years, but really hammered it home with the ‘Taken’ franchise. So when he called his ‘Taken’ co-star Maggie Grace’s ex-boyfriend in character as Bryan Mills, it was predictably awesome.

Grace shared the clip on “Conan” earlier this week as a teaser for “Taken 3,” which opens in theaters today. Based on early reviews, it’s probably safe to say the prank call is more entertaining than anything in the movie.

Some of the seriousness was undercut a bit by Grace’s giggling in the background, but Neeson still commits to the bit. But as he’s showed us before, Liam can bring the laughs even when sticking to his stoic screen persona.

Also, who is this moron who broke up with Maggie Grace? She’s the perfect woman, even though she runs like Tina Belcher.

[Team Coco]