This isn’t a long-winded biographical piece on the importance of the late comic. If you want Bill’s background (and you do, trust me), read this immediately. This isn’t a point-counterpoint on Hicks’ talent and relevance, either. VICE took care of that a couple of years ago, here and here. This is a smattering of work from one of the truly unique comedic and critical voices of our time. Because it’s a lot easier to post a bunch of video clips than it is to write a profound and moving think piece.

I actually played this clip to start the 4:00 Free-For-All today. Bill’s “feel-good” material was certainly outweighed by his “bile-spitting” material, but in the end, it all kind of comes back to this.

Important to note that the following clips are “NSFW.”

Important to note as well that Jay Leno stinks and Bill Hicks always knew it.

It’s a shame Bill can’t be here today to witness the evolution of medical marijuana.

You know what, just set aside an hour and watch ‘Relentless.’ And lament the fact that we’re marking the 20th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks just days after Jay Leno retired from his 22-year-run as the host of The Tonight Show. Where’s the justice?