Spring is on its way, no matter how many dirt-encrusted snowbanks still dot our street corners. That means it’s time to get out, get active, and exercise those long-dormant muscles. But before you commit yourself to a weekend hike or a 30-mile bike ride, be sure to watch these movies on Netflix before they disappear from the platform for good. And if you’re looking for what’s to come, check out the titles that are arriving to Netflix next month

Though there are fifty movies leaving the streaming service in the month of April, we’ll highlight the three you absolutely have to watch.

1. Mystic River (2003)

Though it’s frequently overshadowed by films like The Departed and Good Will Hunting, Mystic River may be the best Boston movie of all time — or in the top three, at least. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins wholly deserved Oscar wins as childhood friends turned deadly adversaries Jimmy Markum and Dave Boyle, and the deep supporting cast rivals The Departed in both star power and performance.

2. Good Morning Vietnam (1987)

If you didn’t already immediately watch every Robin Williams movie you could after his tragic death in August, this might be your last chance to see perhaps his best performance outside Good Will Hunting. As military DJ Adrian Cronauer, Williams brought equal parts levity and outrage, as his good humored attempts to boost morale soon turn political when Sergeant Major Dickerson tamps down on his broadcasts.The film began a dream run for Williams, receiving Oscar nominations for Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and The Fisher King in a six-year span.

3. The Karate Kid (1984)

While The Karate Kid did very little to launch the careers of its stars aside from Elizabeth Shue (Pat Morita, we hardly knew ye), the film lives on as a quintessential of its era. Uplifting training montages set to swelling 80s pop-rock? Check. Cartoonishly evil villains devoid of nuance or humanity? You betcha. If it all seems a bit cliché, that’s because countless movies tried to copy Karate Kid‘s style, with diminishing returns.

Here’s the full list of titles leaving the streaming service in April.

April 1

– 28 Hotel Rooms

– Annie

– Astonishing X­Men: Dangerous

– Astonishing X­Men: Torn

– Astonishing X­Men: Unstoppable

– Baby Genius: A Trip to the San Diego Zoo

– Baby Genius: Animal Adventures

– Chalet Girl

– Clue

– Color Splash Collection: Collection 1

– Coneheads

– Friday the 13​th​

– Friday the 13th: Part 2

– Friday the 13th: Part 3

– Friday the 13th: Part 4: The Final Chapter

– Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives

– Friday the 13th: Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

– Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

– Get Shorty

– Good Morning, Vietnam

– Guess Who

– Income Property Collection: Collection 1

– Inventing the Abbotts

– Jane Eyre

– Jeepers Creepers

– Jeepers Creepers 2

– Les Miserables

– Madeline

– Miral

– Murder by Numbers

– Mystic Pizza

– Mystic River

– Pee­-wee’s Big Adventure

– Philadelphia

– Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day Collection: Collection 1

– Reindeer Games

– Selling New York Collection: Collection 1

– Sense and Sensibility

– Shadow of the Vampire

– Taking Lives

– The Amityville Horror

– The Cable Guy

– The Karate Kid

– The Karate Kid Part II

– The Karate Kid Part III

– The Quick and the Dead

– The Whole Nine Yards

April 10

– Sleeping Beauty

April 12

– Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition

April 16

– The Woman Who Wasn’t There