Get ready to put those laptops and books away because the countdown to spring break has begun. Even if you’re not in school, kick this snow and cold aside for a little bit. Whether you want to take body shots at a beachside bar, adventure through a new city, or give back to a community in need we’ve got some suggestions. Luckily, if you’re spring breaking from Boston you have a lot of options. Whether it’s jetting off to Europe or heading to the islands for some sun, it’s all within your reach.

For party people
If you’re looking for the Disneyland of debauchery head down where the water is warm and the palm trees kiss the sky. Next to a body of water, you will likely consume more alcohol than your liver can stand. Where can you get your MTV Spring Break party on? These destinations are waiting to serve your party needs with flights and stays all falling in between $1,200 and $1,500 no matter where you go.

• Daytona Beach
• Panama City Beach
• Miami
• Cancun
• Puerto Vallarta
• Acapulco
Las Vegas

The best bets for packaged spring break tours are and

For adventurers
If you’d rather find yourself in a place where you’d be more likely to stumble upon Anthony Bourdain than a party then think outside the spring break box this year. Experience the world on your own terms by immersing yourself in another culture and wrapping yourself up in the cuisine, fashion, architecture, and language. Just don’t forget how diverse our own country is. Taking trips to the following American destinations will still give you the cultural experience you crave but at a cheaper price. As for international options, these hot spots offer cheaper international airfare, short flight times, and the cultural diversity you need for a memorable spring break. And hey, it never hurts to add another stamp to your passport!

• New Orleans
• Nashville
• Austin

• Iceland
• Montreal/Quebec City
• Dublin
• Mexico City

If you are into planning your own trip, hit up and for the cheapest flights and beds around. For national flights, the best deals are found on Southwest and jetBlue. Don’t forget to read up a bit on the destination to which you’re heading. The backpacker’s Bible tends to be but is another great alternative.

If you’re looking for a tour, check out, which does tours for 18-35-year-olds pretty much anywhere. Most European tours range between $850-$1,200 (plus spending money). For beer lovers, a great option is, based out of Florida but giving custom tours in the US and Europe focused on beer-centric travel. It’s perfect if you’re looking for culture and drinks without the planning. Packages can be tailored to you and your group and average about $600 per person for nine nights.

Afraid of flying? Why not road trip to places like NYC, Quebec City, Montreal, or Nashville?

For do-gooders
Want to impact others and the world around you? This week can be spent helping a greater cause. Spread the good vibes and give back. Find a cause that speaks to you and spend the week giving instead of receiving. There are lots of people and places out there on both a big and small scale that need a helping hand.

• Help rebuild the New Jersey coastline
• Teach English abroad
• Work on environmental concerns
• Wildlife conservation

Check out this site for further insight into Voluntourism and how you can make it happen. Here are a few others:

United Way
Cross Cultural Solutions
Projects Abroad

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