What would you do if you were the last man on Earth? Probably move somewhere other than Boston, right? In Fox’s new comedy The Last Man on Earth, Phil Miller (played by SNL alum Will Forte) settles in the sunnier climes of Tucson, Arizona. But that’s because Miller was already living in Arizona when he survived the virus that wiped out the rest of humanity. There’s something to be said about the comfort of home, after all.

So assuming you decided to brave the winter, what would you do as the last man (or woman) in Boston?

Miller engages in typical castaway scenarios, first searching for life, then moving to a mansion, drinking and eating like there’s no tomorrow, and collecting fine art and memorabilia from around the US. But for the purpose of this exercise, let’s keep our activities in the Greater Boston area.

Why play fish-tank bowling…


When you can drop bowling balls off the top of the Pru?

prudential tower

Parking in a store is pretty cool.


But how about doing what every Non-Bostonian thinks we do already, and pahk your cah in Hahvard Yahd?

park car harvard yard

And why not find every space saver you can, put ’em in a pile, and burn those things to a crisp?

space saver tower

That snow flamethrower you always dreamed of? Make it happen, player.

Speaking of transportation, four words: Green. Line. Stunt. Jumps.

Train Derailment Boston

Hopefully with a smoother landing than this one.

As for a house, Phil chooses a gated mansion in Tucson, furnishing fine art from around the world and a rug from the White House.

white house seal

This townhouse at 74 Beacon Street that costs almost $14 million would be hard to pass up.

74 beacon street image

Hard to argue with eight fireplaces.

But my pick would be Tom Brady and Gisele’s place in Brookline.

tom brady house

If I ever found the last woman on Earth, it’d be nice to start a family in Tom Brady’s pad.