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How is 81-year-old Larry King is better at Twitter than anyone I know? The former CNN star hosts an online talk show with four new episodes a week and still has time to tweet about everything from Jiffy Hoffa to Chinese Checkers at 2 AM.

Though I don’t agree with everything King has to say (Sorry Larry, I wasn’t really feeling Dane Cook’s new comedy special for some odd reason), he still dropped some real truth bombs. Here are my five favorite Larry tweets, as well as a list of the entire Tweetstorm.

5. Larry on Fireworks

Larry King Fireworks

Truth on truth on truth.
4. Larry on Teeth

Larry King Teeth

Sub-point: I hate people with perfect teeth who never had braces even more.

3. Larry on Classic Disney Characters

Larry King Mickey Mouse

Who in their right mind prefers Mickey to Donald? Bugs vs. Daffy is a real debate, but Mickey has zero defining characteristics. #TeamDonald all day.

2. Larry on Shirts

Larry King Short Sleeves

Until the day some enterprising designer comes up with the business casual shorts for men, pairing a short-sleeve dress shirt or polo with khakis is tacky as all get-out.

1. Larry on Airplanes

Larry King Pilots

I’m sometimes saddened that Watergate and the rise of 24-hour cable news networks means no one from this generation has a Walter Cronkite to reassure us in times of crisis as the de facto Most Trusted Man in America. But for those 2 hours I’m on a flight from Boston to Chicago, the gravelly tenor of my flight’s pilot will do. It doesn’t matter whether he’s telling me we’ve reached cruising altitude and will begin beverage service shortly or flying pigs will cause us minor turbulence, I’m soothed. King, as usual, knows what’s up.

Check below to read the entirety of King’s late-night musings.


[h/t Uproxx]