After being on hiatus for what felt like an eternity, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned to HBO with its brilliant commentary intact. Last night, Oliver made one thing clear: we’ve all been too rough on RadioShack.

The electronics chain officially filed for bankruptcy recently, and Oliver took the media to task for the way in which it’s gleefully picked on the dying brand.

He also wanted to remind America of all the good RadioShack has done:

“Who sold that remote control car to your parents in 1993 that you loved so damn much?” Oliver asked. “RadioShack, motherf****ers, that’s who.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.37.36 PM

The closing of the 94-year-old RadioShack franchise has been circulating in the news for several weeks, with two thousand of their locations being changed into Sprint stores and the other two thousand shut down entirely.

Begun on Brattle Street in Boston in 1921 by brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, the business grew across the country and eventually overseas. Sure, they’re gone now, but that’s no shabby business.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.51.05 PM

RIP, RadioShack. At least someone gave you a fitting tribute.