Late night host Jimmy Kimmel once again asked parents to submit videos of their distraught children’s reactions after hearing their parents ate all their Halloween candy. This year, two Boston fans clad in Patriots and Red Sox gear definitely took the prize for angriest freakout, and probably earned themselves a grounding.

The Boston-specific segment starts at 2:06, as the two kids attempt to rationalize their parents’ ultimate treachery (“Why didn’t you eat something else?!?”) before quickly turning to anger (“It’s not funny! SHUT UP! Stop laughing!”). Even after the off-camera mother reveals it was all a prank, the kid tells his mom to “shut up and go to the other room.”

Look, I’m not a fan of these videos. Kimmel has been doing the same schtick for four years, and at this point a lot of the reactions feel rehearsed, like parents teaching their kids to say stupid stuff on camera in the hopes of getting on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” back in the ’90s. I can see why others enjoy them, but they’re not for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids yet.

But what kind of parents let their kids talk back to them like that? The kind of parents who torment their kids hoping they’ll be on TV for 5 seconds at 11:45 PM, I guess.

[h/t Jimmy Kimmel Live]