Jimmy Fallon may be a New York native, he sympathized with the Bostonians trudging through feet upon feet of snow in his monologue last night.

After the government and most major businesses in Washington, D.C. closed yesterday when four inches of snow covered the ground in their first major snowstorm of the season. Fallon commented:

“It seems like everyone is affected by the snow—in fact schools and federal offices in Washington D.C. were shut down today after the city received four inches of snow in their first major snow storm of the season. Or as Boston residents put it… Are you f***ing kidding me?”

(via Boston Magazine)

“‘Four inches of snow? I left for work this morning out of a second-story window, cowboy up!’”

Maybe if the federal government had the gumption of half of our commuters, we could actually get something done.

[h/t Boston Magazine]