It’s a crazy cat lady’s dream.

Aoshima is a remote island in southern Japan that will make any and all cat-lovers feel warm and fuzzy, as it is home to more than 120 felines, outnumbering humans six to one.

As ridiculous as that may sound, it truly just boils down to basic biology. The cats were initially introduced to the mile-long island to deal with a mice issue concerning fishermen’s boats. Over time, they multiplied. Apparently, they also want companionship. 

NBC News reported that those living there now are “mostly pensioners who didn’t join the waves of migrants seeking work in the cities after World War Two.” 

Back in 1945, the island had a population of approximately 900 people. Today, there really is no reason for any visitors. There aren’t even any stores selling snacks yet the only sign of human activity are day-trippers visiting what is locally called “Cat Island.” 

Don’t worry, people there’s a “cat witch” that feeds the cats, so it’s not like they’re starving and participating in a feline version of The Hunger Games to feed themselves.

But wait, Aoshima is not Japan’s only cat island.

In fact, there are 10 other ones. This includes Tashirojima which apparently bans dogs and Genkaishima, which has the largest cat-based population. 

So forget those proposed cat cafes, it’s time to book a one-way ticket to Japan.

[h/t NBC News and Quartz]