Jamaica Plain collective Guerilla Toss has flooded national radars since the release of its first full-length, “Gay Disco,” last winter. Not only did the album help guide attention to an ever-present but recently rising noise scene in the northeast, bringing bands like Cloud Becomes Your Hand and Blanche Blanche Blanche along for the ride, but it also helped to produce a number of G-Toss side projects, all of which are worth your ears in their own right.

One of these acts is Jane La Onda, which is tough to even refer to as a side-project. The solo outfit of lead singer Kassie Carlson, Jane La Onda is a perfectly meditated work of lo-fi melodies, melding together sugary elements of bedroom pop, and more sharpened and vibrant noise forms. While Carlson’s lyrics can at times get lost in her furiously shrill vocal style at the helm of Guerilla Toss, Jane La Onda presents an opportunity for Carlson to spell her sentiments in clearer form. Her constructions present a favorable environment for them too, finding creative ways to be bold and excitedly subversive while retaining pleasant hooks and pop charm. “BUY BUY BUY,” her debut release, is out now on limited edition cassette. Its songs grab with a different kind of intensity, ensuring that Carlson’s ferocious disposition in Guerilla Toss is just the tip of the iceberg, and that there’s a tide of both intellect and emotion constantly swirling beneath the surface and manifesting itself in her artistry.

Jane La Onda’s album can be purchased on cassette or digitally through her Bandcamp page. Today, Carlson picked our mid-week playlist, choosing tracks that have struck her fancy in various ways over the past few months. See her picks below, as well as her thoughts on them.

1. Blanche Blanche Blanche – “Ted Talks”
“Unbelievable band Guerilla Toss went on tour with last year. Their songs are super catchy and everyone ever should listen to them.”

2. Arthur Russel – “Old Paint”
“Being a string player at heart, I am really into this song because of the mood set by the cello, but also because I believe he was one of the best songwriters who’s ever lived.”

3. Weyes Blood – “Storms That Breed”
“I don’t know much about this band other than I like this song.”

4. Lizzy Mercier Descloux – “Rosa Vertov (Rosa Yemen)”
“No wave band from the late 1970s.”

5. Model Citizens – “Shift The Blame”
“An oldie but a goodie. Produced by John Cale, ‘Shift the Blame’ is just one of many relentless songs by Model Citizens. Although they often played shows with DNA, Suicide, and The Contortions, they still remain virtually unknown. To get the full effect you really have to listen to the whole album in one sitting. Its insane.”

6. Fat Worm of Error performing to Arthur Ganson’s “17 Machines”
“Not only do I love Fat Worm of Error but I also stare at Arthur Ganson Sculptures all day at the MIT Museum where I work. This video was really the perfect pairing of two mind-blowing experiences. Although Fat Worm of Error no longer plays (for now), I did see Neil Young (Cloaca) perform as Bromp Treb the other night in Vermont and that is not something to miss. Check it out in real life.”