Feel good

We’re wary of corporate brands that make YouTube videos targeting our emotions, but this video — from a storage company, no less! — has some legitimately good advice for any parent.

10. Everything you’re doing is probably the best to somebody and the worst thing that you can possibly do to somebody else.

parenting google

“So just do what works for you, and don’t get on the Internet because you can Google anything, and everyone has an opinion.”

9. Stay on a schedule. Get on a schedule if you want to live.

8. Parenting is hard. Sometimes you can’t handle it.

parenting date night

“Take an hour, go to Grandma’s, drop the baby off, get some ice cream, take a 20-minute nap, make a date night once a week and don’t skip it.”

7. Instead of having to mold them to what you want, discover who they are and let them be.

6. Be prepared for the unexpected because it will happen.

parenting twins

“Like maybe the possibility of having twins.”

5. You’ve gotta make room for the baby.

car seat parenting

“Crib, changing table, car seat, stroller — two strollers actually…”

4. You’re going to look back and say “I wish those times would come back” so keep them, don’t give them all away.

3. Be grateful for your kids.


“Things that you aren’t prepared for can turn out to be good things. All the poop and snot and screaming and crying and fighting — worth it. All of it — totally worth it.”

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s going to be ok.


“Some days you’re just not going to have a lot of patience, and that’s ok. The house can wait. All of the chores can wait. You have to remember this is a massive change in your life, and you’re going to feel every emotion there is to feel.”

1. Be prepared to love something more than you ever thought you could.

slowed down gif

“The best thing that you’ve ever done in your whole life.”