In today’s goofy viral news, this older Italian man hilariously can’t pronounce a word that most native English-speakers fail to correctly pronounce.

The culprit in this video is 75-year-old Italian chef Pasquale Sciarappa, who lends his mastery in a regular YouTube cooking series under the name OrsaraRecipes. The poor guy may have gotten tripped up by the perplexingly-named sauce (which is kind of a perplexing sauce in general, no? Sorry food snobs, but it’s no surprise that some have nicknamed it “what’s-this-here” sauce over the years).

Insensitivity aside, perhaps this is a lesson to Massachusetts residents that places like, say, Worcester, are just begging to be pronounced incorrectly. We can either educate those outsiders who butcher our confusingly titled cities, or film their tongue-tied struggle, stick it on the Internet, and perhaps it will go viral!

Mr. Sciarappa isn’t the only one who would get nervous by the spelling of Worcester. Various members of San Jose Sharks, whose minor league affiliate calls Worcester its home, have a tough time wrapping their heads around the city’s name. If you’re like them, or if for some reason you struggle to the degree of our Italian friend, the following pronunciation video is sure to help:

In related news, want to know where you can find that bitchin’ “No Sweat, No Sauce” shirt that Sciarappa is sporting? Look no further, just in time for the holiday season.