Maple syrup has always been a staple of our friends up North. But now its sweetness may be put to a different use. One Vermont-based company called Slopeside Syrup hopes to make it a resource for athletes. 

Launched in the fall of 2014 by the Cochrans, a family of skiers who boast Olympic-level honors,the mission of Slopeside’s new athlete-targeted product Untapped is to “bring the maple to the masses.” And no, this product is nothing more than 100% pure maple syrup. 

According to Food and Wine Magazine, the University of Vermont’s Maple Research Center (yes, there’s an actual place that’s dedicated to this) believes that the sugar and natural mineral contents may be beneficial. However, some are critical that it may be a stretch to call the the sweet substance an energy supplement. 

Nutritionist Ben Greenfield is one of them, telling the Guardian, “I’ve seen zero studies.”

But scientific facts don’t seem to sway some. Tim Kelley, a cousin of the Cochran family who also happens to be an elite ski racer says, “I’m not the scientist of the group, I just know [that] when I take it, I feel better and have more energy.”

Are you ready to swap out your Gatorade for some maple syrup?

UnTapped Beginnings from UnTapped on Vimeo.

[h/t Food and Wine]