We’re all still reeling from the breakup of the White Girl Mob, the terrifying carnival of #swag that birthed Kreayshawn. But with the crew’s leader mostly MIA of late, there’s some good news. Lil Debbie, erstwhile standing-next-to-Kreayshawn in short-shorts professional, has kept the dream alive. And to the surprise of absolutely every single person who heard any of her previous indifferent swipes at musicality, her most recent stuff is actually competent and listenable. That may actually ruin the appeal, come to think of it, but “Bake a Cake” (above) finds your girl Debbie in uncharacteristically sharp form.

A quick listen through some of the rest of her material, like “Ratchets,” is starting to convince me that we may have had the whole crew hierarchy wrong all along.

When Debbie manages to actually rhyme on the beat, in this case a sinister harpsichord creeper, it’s a lot more palatable. By the way, this video in particular is something of a forerunner to the entire Miley-twerking episode we all just lived through. We may well not have had this version of the decadent American pop princess were it not for the likes of Debbie out there appropriating black culture for the rest of us.

Both of those pale in comparison to the delights of “Michelle Obama,” however, her collaboration with Riff Raff. “I just want to have some fun, #Cyndi Lauper. Six carats in the mouth #jawdropper.” Jaws are going to drop tonight when Debbie spills onto the stage at the Middle East Downstairs.