I was on the fence about posing this question, then a pair of tweets popped up in my feed.

Of course, Graham is referring to the Rolling Stone cover depicting Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tzarnaev.

Now, Rolling Stone caught hell and a handful of boycotts for placing Tzarnaev on the cover, but they won in the end, as sales of the magazine doubled. It’s not likely that SI’s cover will elicit the same reaction; on the contrary, the trio of Boston’s finest paired with a smiling Big Papi seems to be meeting with approval in and around Boston.

But isn’t Sports Illustrated guilty of the same sin so many of us accused Rolling Stone of earlier this year: cashing in on the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing? Or is it only cashing in when you shine the light on the villain, not the heroes?

Don’t jerk your knee and start mashing your keyboard. Stop and think about it. I know I will. And I’ll revisit Alex Pearlman’s piece on the commercialization of “Boston Strong” over on BDCwire, too.