In the midst of speculation (including our own) on who will become the heir to the Jon Stewart Daily Show throne, the last place anyone would expect to find clarity would be in a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel, but here we are.

A leaked clip from the upcoming Hot Tub TIme Machine 2 (out February 20) shows the film’s protagonists travel to the year 2025 and watch a Daily Show broadcast about sentient cars hosted by, you guessed it: Jessica Williams, current correspondent.


In the clip Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Daily Show alum Rob Corrdry all admit that even though the humor is referencing unfamiliar political issues of the future, the show’s “still got it.” While Williams isn’t necessarily a shoo-in for the job, having her as a host and Neil Patrick Harris as a president ten years from now doesn’t sound too shabby.

But what about Samantha Bee? Give the lady a chance.

[h/t Uproxx]