In case you didn’t know, today is Pancake Day. Yes, it’s a real holiday, not like that corporatized IHOP National Pancake Day in March. To celebrate, we’re highlighting one dad who goes above and beyond with his  pancake creations. Don’t batter us too much if you missed your chance in trying to make his masterpieces for breakfast this morning — these creations are so amazing you’ll flip .

Nathan Shields is an expert at designing artistic pancakes. From political portraits of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to Star Wars characters, this is the perfect way to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. 

31 9-9-12 presidential pancakes[6]


Shields documents all his works on his blog Saipancakes and does tutorial videos on his YouTube channel — although it’s almost sure to be harder than he makes it look.

However, Shields did admit via e-mail that “getting a good resemblance in a portrait can be pretty challenging sometimes.”

If you want a “Thriller” in the morning, why not chow down some Michael Jackson? 

Shields is an illustrator and a math teacher and according to BuzzFeed, his pancake adventures began a couple years ago when he started to make them for his two children. With time, his creations have unquestionably become more detailed. 

magic treehouse pancake[6]

The pancake artist said that he doesn’t necessarily plan out his food art beforehand.

“It’s best to dive in, particularly, if you have a couple of hungry kids urging you on,” Shields said.

After seeing what Shields can do with squeeze bottles, batter and a pan, we officially can no longer settle for boring, circular pancakes.