Travis Henning just combined boat safety with hip-hop, and it’s excellent.

the hennings - Imgur

In a video posted to Henning’s YouTube channel Wednesday, he mashed up footage from a family vacation with the 2012 music video for “Slow Down” by Clyde Carson. And it’s hilarious.

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The two-minute clip shows the family decked out in life vests, cruising on a speedboat, and tubing. Really fast. Too fast for Henning’s stepmom, Mama Gin.

Henning, 30, went on home to Lake Charles, Louisiana and filmed his family on a tubing trip. Looking back at the footage, he noticed that Mama Gin said “slow down” a lot. And an idea came to him.

He laid Mama Gin’s repeated pleas for the driver–Henning’s dad–to slow down over the audio from Carson’s song. It fits. It fits perfectly.

The edited footage includes artsy close-ups, lens flares, very cool sunglasses, and Mama Gin’s repeated reminders of imminent danger.

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“Do you know how many people are paraplegic from a trampoline?” Mama Gin says. “Do not do that again.”

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(Judging by his reaction, he’s probably going to do it again.)

As of Friday, the video of Mama Gin’s law-laying had amassed 1.3 million views.

Henning posted the video to reddit, writing, “Edited a video of my family’s day on the lake together. Stepmom was not happy.”

Not unhappy, Travis. Just concerned.