Being a superfan takes an extreme level of commitment. Not only must you know every single obscure song and fact about your idol, but you must also dedicate an insane amount of time and effort proclaiming and documenting your obsession. At least that is what Guided By Voices’ #1 fanboy seems to have done.

Self described ‘GBV fanatic’ Adam 12 Eric Truchan rated and reviewed “every song written, performed, or related to one of rock’s most prolific songwriters; Robert Pollard.” Truchan archived his obsession by reviewing every single Guided by Voices/Robert Pollard LP, EP, side-project, 7” single, box-set, compilation tracks and even bootlegs. If my math is correct his blog An Earful O’ Wax has chronicled over 2,500 songs. Chances are you may not agree with all or most of Truchan’s opinions and rankings but you have to at least admit that he has shown a special level of dedication to his hero.

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