Feel good

Anyone who lives to be 102 has seen a lot of things. But it might be another 102 years before we see anything like what happened at this great-grandmother’s birthday celebration.

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario and her family gathered in Connecticut Sunday for a Mother’s Day celebration and a belated 102nd birthday party for her grandmother, Louise Bonito. When Bonito leaned in to extinguish the waxy numbers on top of her cake, she blew out more than candles — she blew her dentures right out of her mouth.

Lynsey and her sister Lisa Addario posted videos of “Nonnie” and her magical flying chompers on Instagram.

Let’s see that again from another angle.

Far from being embarrassed, Bonito can’t help but laugh.

“There’s so many problems in this life and I’m so glad that with this there can be laughter,” she told ABC News.

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