Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal.

Gosling chowed down a spoonful of some breakfast goodness in memory of Vine celebrity Ryan McHenry — the creator of the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme. McHenry, 27, lost his battle to bone cancer on Sunday.

The meme surfaced in 2013 and quickly went viral.

It all began with the actor refusing to eat his cereal once, and was followed with a series of Vines of Gosling constantly refusing to eat his cereal, not even a single bite.

Despite all the memes, Gosling stated he actually loves cereal. It’s just hard to believe him when he looks this broken up about it.

He may say he loves crunchy breakfast goods, but his actions don’t reflect his words. He literally bats the spoon away.

McHenry has previously tried to apologize to the Crazy, Stupid, Love actor for the meme, but Gosling was just not in a forgiving mood.

There were no regrets on McHenry’s end.

Here was the last Vine McHenry posted. It was suitably fantastic.

After finally eating his cereal, Gosling posted this on Twitter.